Guide To Birth Control Singapore

Contraceptive methods are commonly used methods to observe birth control.  Increasing population is a huge question mark before the world.  In limited resources, it is quite difficult to manage a big family.  To overcome this problem, a large number of contraceptives are available in market in different forms.  These contraceptive have also disadvantages but those are very meager.  One can use information guide regarding contraceptives, available in almost the medical stores or hospitals.  General broadcasting media is also spreading the awareness regarding use of contraceptives and plan the family.

There may be choice and interests of various people for contraceptive methods as per their age group but normally men are required to use the oral contraceptive while having connection with their better halves.  The oral contraceptives are considered the best means to plan the family and also having full enjoyment of their married life.  Companies are also manufacturing the contraceptive agents after a deep research without harming the normal life style of the users.

Common contraceptives available in market

Condoms are the most effective contraceptives.  There are a number of types available in market.  To provide pleasure and long playing time, the design of these contraceptives are prepared.  These contraceptive can be used till a women attained the age of menopause.  The woman having different hormonal condition may use the contraceptives till some more or less time.

Copper ‘T’ is another contraceptive which is used by women for birth control singapore.  This ‘T’ is placed before having sex.  But prolong used of this method may also result in harm to the internal structure as the metal used in manufacturing this ‘T’ may react with the prolong use.  Though, copper ‘T’ has proved its worth as a better birth control option.

Apart from this device, some of the pills are also available in market that are required to be taken daily before one hour of having sex.  It must be remembered that the pills needed a break of one month after use of five months.  This is practical based theory.  Contraceptives are to be used each time one want to have se.  Without using proper precaution, no family planning is possible.

Sterilization is another effective method both in men and women.  These sterilizationsare known as Tubectamy and Vasectomy.  This is the most effective contraceptive or birth control method.  Couple can enjoy the sexual life without worry.  The sterilization is surgical method and as permanent contraceptive.

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