Sour Diesel CBD: Relax and Recoup

You may have heard of sour diesel CBD, but did you know that there is a CBD version? If you are looking for some high-grade medicinal marijuana, this could be the one for you. What makes this strain so special is that it has a very low THC content and a high level of CBD; in fact, it has double the amount of CBD than your typical medical strain of weed. You can buy sour diesel CBD online or get your hands on some more traditional buds with maybe just a little bit of CBD. There are several techniques to extract oil from bud so there isn’t too much pressure from growers to create strains with higher CBD levels because they add value when sold as alternative medicine.

About Sour Diesel:

This strain gets its name from the pungent, skunky smell given off by this Sativa-dominant hybrid. This bud has small round bright neon green nugs with sparse amber hairs and a super thick frosty coating of tiny white trichomes that are so sparkling you can almost see through it. The high starts with an energetic sudden rush of euphoria leaving you feeling uplifted and motivated, while some Indica effects come on later to relax your body making Sour Diesel perfect for daytime use.

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

Sour Diesel is a high-resin strain with a sweet, sour smell and taste with skunk overtones. It’s easy to grow and produces big thick buds with lots of resin glands. The high from smoking Sour Diesel is typical Sativa with a soaring sense of euphoria but also a strong body stone that makes it a good painkiller as well as an anti-anxiety medicine useful for treating bipolar disorder. It can make you quite giddy and giggly unless you have the patience to wait until the indica side starts to kick in which takes about half an hour or so.

Using your sour diesel cbd hemp flower to make concentrates or edibles is easy enough, but you can also smoke it directly if you live in a place where cannabis is legal. The high will be more clear-headed than fully indica so is useful for treating conditions like depression and ADHD, although it’s probably not the best strain to treat severe forms of either condition. It might help with body pain especially when combined with CBD, however.

CBD content doesn’t seem to have been tested which means that Sour Diesel CBD hasn’t been verified by any independent lab results. There are test results available on the Cannabiogen website but these were done in Spain rather than an external lab and I’m guessing they’re for Sativa grown from non-auto flowering seeds due to the flowering times. The Cannabiogen website mentions CBD content as being around 1-2% and THC content as 12-16%.

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