A simple guide to know about the massage therapy

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Licensed massage therapist Victoria Bodner says you do not have to grin and bear it if you are stressed and sore. She recommends taking some OTC pain relievers instead. Find out what the benefits of massage are, and discover how to get a massage that will help you relax, relieve pain, or ease muscle tension. It involves manipulating muscles and other soft tissues of the body using various pressures, movements, and techniques performed by a licensed massage therapist. 마사지 therapy can be used to reduce stress and tension, treat symptoms, heal injuries, and support wellness by slowing down your nervous system.

The types of massage therapy

The 마사지 therapy menu offers a wide variety of services.

  1. Massage in Swedish: Stressed out? Relax with a Swedish massage. Swedish massages are usually full-body massages that use a gentle touch. They are a good choice for people who are new to massages. Bodner also says Swedish massage can help you relax your mind, which can impact your muscles directly.
  2. Massage of deep tissues: Even sitting, driving, and hunching over your computer can make your muscles tight. Bodner says that deep tissue massage gets into your muscles and tendons to relieve that tightness. If you are injured, have general tightness, or have chronic pain, it’s great for you.

New To Massage Therapy? Learn Common Massage Therapy FAQs

  1. Massage for sports: Unlike deep-tissue massages, sports massages focus on the muscles that get beat up while you play sports or exercise repetitively. The body of athletes and dancers is different from the average person, according to Bodner. A massage therapist who specializes in sports massage can help.
  2. Massage for trigger points: It is a technique used to target trigger points that form on necks or backs. A trigger point is a tiny spot of muscle spasm or tightness within the tissue, according to Bodner. In a trigger-point treatment, concentrated pressure is applied to the tight spot.
  3. Releasing myofascial tension: Myofascial release involves kneading and stretching the muscles and fascia to relieve tension and tightness. Fascia encases muscles and allows them to move freely, according to Bodner.
  4. Massage of the lymphatic system: Lymphatic massage uses gentle touch to encourage the lymphatic fluid to flow more freely through the body. Lymphatic fluid plays several important roles in the body, including maintaining fluid levels and removing waste.
  5. Massaging during pregnancy: Women-to-be can benefit from prenatal massage by relaxing and addressing the aches and pains of pregnancy.