Everything related to shockwave therapy Singapore you need to know

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The Shockwave’s acoustic waves cause biological processes that result in quicker and longer-term tissue repair and regeneration. Shockwave treatment (SWT) is used for a variety of conditions.

Shockwave treatment is appropriate for treating acute and chronic pain since it is a non-surgical therapy that does not require pain relievers. Shockwave therapy is the direct application of a series of low-intensity acoustic wave pulsations to the site of an injury on a person’s skin.

Shockwave therapy Singapore provides great medication and therapy that helps people. This is a non-invasive treatment option for musculoskeletal discomfort. Physiotherapy, orthopedics, and sports medicine all extensively use extracorporeal shockwave treatment. The majority of applications are linked with treating chronic muscle and tendon problems and back and neck discomfort.

Benefits of Shockwave therapy Singapore:

  • It’s not intrusive:

Shockwave treatment does not necessitate any surgical incisions. Skin contact is used to deliver the pulses. The process is sometimes called endovascular shockwave therapy, and extracorporeal implies outside the body. This in itself makes it a highly appealing option for surgery.

  • This therapy is drug-free:

Shockwave therapy Singapore applies a topical anesthetic to lessen the feelings of the vibrations during the shockwave process. There is minimal discomfort during the process, and the intensity may be modified if you are uncomfortable.

shockwave therapy singapore

  • This therapy has no downtime:

Shockwave treatment, unlike surgery, does not need any downtime. You come into our office, we administer the therapy in around 10 to 15 minutes, and you go. It will not interfere with any activities or everyday life that you were able to do before the appointment.

What are the essential things about this therapy?

A tiny machine generates the waves via the cable and an application wand and into your wounded tissues. These shockwaves promote enhanced metabolism, more excellent collagen formation, the release of signaling molecules, and other essential biological activities that combat inflammation and speed up tissue regeneration.

As a result, shockwave treatment is widely regarded as an effective conservative therapy for several chronic, acute inflammation types. It may be a viable solution to surgery for many peoples.

This therapy can also be used earlier in the process and more standard conservative therapies to significantly shorten total healing and recovery time.

Therefore, getting the treatment and therapy at the right time will help you reduce the pain and get fast relief.