Understanding in detail the nuances of COVID-19

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The havoc

November 2019 was one of the unforeseen turning points for the globe. No one would have imagined that a small and unusual viral infection from one of the wet markets of China would lead to such havoc that can be considered as the biggest pandemic for the century. The fear of COVID-19 has been prominent throughout the world and is increasing with the fast mutation in the virus. Therefore, one needs to be extremely cautious and serious about the virus. Read on to learn more about it, and have detailed information.

Knowing the symptoms

The following are the common symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Common cold
  • Fever
  • Sore throat

The less common symptoms include shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell, rashes, dip in the SPO2 level, severe infection in the lungs, and many more. It varies from case to case, and with the addition of new mutants, further study is ongoing. Therefore, everyone is equally at the risk of catching COVID-19 unless necessary precautions are not taken, i.e. proper washing of hands regularly, and social distancing in public places.

What to do in case of the suspect?

Let’s say that you came in contact with someone who has had the virus recently, and is not sure about the transmission. In such cases, it is very important to maintain appropriate behavior and break the chain. The following are some of the handy tips that can be considered:

  • Self-isolation up to 14 days, with no direct contact with anyone else in the family.
  • Proper masking and social distancing within the family.
  • Sanitization of the frequent touchpoints.
  • RT-PCR test at the end of one week to confirm the suspicion.
  • Immediate medical help in case of severity.

Only with the right combination can you win the war against COVID-19.

Is the vaccine effective?

Yes, there is no doubt about this fact. Vaccination is highly effective in reducing the severity of the symptoms, in case if you catch COVID-19 in the future. And this has been reported for all of the strains of the virus found to date.

However, do not get confused with the fact that vaccination is equivalent to complete immunity against the virus and you would never catch it in the future.

Staying away from misconceptions

The most important thing- stay away from misconceptions related to COVID-19. Go for the official sources in case of any queries, but do not indulge in anything that might be further detrimental to the health.

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