Enroll in First Aid Courses To Become First Aid Certified

Giving first aid needs you to know what you do. Although you have a little knowledge of performing it, still, you need to learn it properly. First aid is one of the safety measures to give as a basic treatment for the condition to prevent it from getting worst. Giving first aid must be taken seriously. Once you have done it in the wrong way, there will be possible side effects.

If you want to learn about first aid and become a certified first aid, enroll in the courses at First Aid Training.

First Aid Training

What are first aid courses?

First aid courses are:

  • First aid at work (level 3)
  • Emergency first aid at work
  • Pediatric first aid (Ofsted recognized)

Courses are divided into two different kinds of learning environments: public courses and private in-house courses.

The first aid at work course is a level 3 first aid at work course that takes 2 days plus an online study module. The candidate will receive an accredited certificate nationally, which has a 3-year validity period.

In the emergency first aid at work course, students are taught how to provide emergency first aid at work or EFAW for anyone injured or ill.

In a pediatric first aid course, if working with children and babies Pediatric First Aid or PFA certification trains the students to offer relevant first aid support.

What qualifications do you need?

A person that holds a valid certificate of competence in:

  • First aid at work
  • Any other level of qualifications or training
  • Emergency first aid at work

How long is the course?

The first aid course has different areas of specialization. Taking the CFR part of the course will have 4-5 hours. The assessment will be a skill-based and short multi-choice questions exam. These are designed to reinforce the skills and knowledge learned in the course.

Five Key Steps of First Aid!

There are 5 key steps of first aid, namely:

  • Recognize the emergency
  • Call for an emergency ( if you think you can)
  • Ask questions
  • Be kind and calm
  • Be a guardian of the person

Who can perform first aid?

Anyone can perform first aid as long as the person knows about it. The first aider is someone qualified to give first aid treatment in the event of an illness or injury.

The levels of first aid

There are two major types of first aid training:

  1. Emergency first aid at work. A level 2 first aid qualification is provided in 1 day.
  2. First aid at work. A level 3 first aid qualification, which is provided in 3 days.

If you are on this page, you might be an interested person who wants to take First Aid courses. Accept this as your basic guide when you want to become a first aider.

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