Finding High Testosterone In Women

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In the past, high testosterone levels in women were considered a defect. But more and more research is showing that high testosterone levels in women may be caused by several factors, ranging from stress to support from their partner. High levels of testosterone may be beneficial for some women as it can bring about an increase in ambition and self-confidence. However, this is not always the case for everybody, especially those with certain medical conditions such as obesity or PCOS. Understand all Signs of high testosterone in women.


Women with high testosterone levels may have several benefits, including increased energy, motivation, focus, and improved stamina. These women tend to gain weight more quickly and may experience less fat in their thighs and hips. Men with high testosterone levels tend to be more aggressive and dominant. While this can be beneficial if the man is leading a group of people or has a career where aggression is essential, it can also lead to behavioral problems like aggression towards women in street harassment or divorce court.

 The hormone is commonly produced by the adrenal glands in both sexes but mainly by the ovaries in women. The amount of testosterone secreted by an individual depends on where these glands are located at their body’s core. Testosterone is made from cholesterol (in men) and is necessary for sexual development and functioning. The body produces it in a series of steps as a precursor to hormones such as estrogen by the aromatase enzyme.


Due to its success, testosterone is commonly injected through needles into the muscles or even directly into the bloodstream in some cases, which many people prefer over various oral forms and creams. Testosterone has been known to cause negative side effects such as increased aggression or irritability, which is not uncommon when people are high on it. Some women may experience problems during pregnancy due to high levels of testosterone which can affect the growth of their child or even cause miscarriage by destroying uterine tissue. Women on birth control pills or who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome may also have problems due to increased testosterone levels. 


Finding high testosterone levels in women isn’t as simple as one might think. It can be both a benefit and a risk depending on what the woman is doing with her time and the lifestyle she lives. The levels of testosterone in women can increase when they are subjected to psychological stress, being physically active, working out, or not eating enough food. If you have any symptoms of high testosterone in women, such as weight gain or aggression towards your partner, see your doctor for a physical examination to check for other medical conditions that may be causing a hormone imbalance.

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