Things To Know About Being A Nurse In Singapore

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A nurse career is a pure form of social service people like to choose after getting qualified for the post. A nurse is a person who is professionally trained to take care of sick patients of all age groups in hospitals, nursing homes, and communities, especially during a pandemic, or in some cases for home treatment which is usually seen in wealthy families or patients who are terminally ill. They are kept to take care of the person’s hygiene, daily medicine intake, taking the patients for medical tests, drawing blood for blood tests, checking oxygen level and blood pressure levels, updating the regular medical reports, etc. in this article, you will get to know what are the qualifications required to choose nursing career singapore.

Nurses are the busiest after the doctors or surgeons in a hospital, as one nurse does not care for only one patient. They take care of several patients in a single ward. A separation is imparted in hospitals for nurses. Some nurses are fixed for each department, like cardiology, OPD, child ward, etc. nurses are separated based on credentials, qualifications, and experience. A nurse has to regularly report the health condition of different patients to the appointed doctor by letting them know the vitals, the results of the reports, the tests that need to be conducted, etc. Nurses operate both in public and private health centers.

Qualifications required to become a nurse in Singapore-

To become a registered nurse, they must have acquired at least one of the following from an institution in Singapore a) a diploma in Nursing or a Diploma in Health Sciences specializing in Nursing. b) Accelerated diploma in Nursing, c) bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing.

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To become an enrolled nurse, the minimum qualification required for any candidate is to qualify for the N-Level certificate, a Nitec diploma, or any other nursing degree or trained certificate.

Types of nurses-

Registered nurses are highly qualified, trained, and have experience in nursing and are associated with a government or private registered health center, hospital, or nursing home. Registered nurses can improve their position by becoming Advanced Practice Nurses, such as Nurse Clinicians, Nurse Educators, and Nurse Managers.

Enrolled nurses are fresher who have just completed their nursing degree from any nursing training institution. They are the young graduates who have just joined the health center, hospital, or nursing home to train to be dignified as a professional nurse. Enrolled nurses get their experience after they roam with the registered nurses so they can get a different position as a registered nurse, later as a teacher or trainer in some nursing training institutes in Singapore.

1. The salary of a registered nurse ranges from S$ 3300 to S$ 5200.

2. The salary of an enrolled nurse ranges from S$ 1700 to S$ 2800.

3. To conclude, the information mentioned above regarding the nursing career is beneficial.

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